Monday, 31 August 2015

Best Dental Treatments In Kerala

Dentique is a leading dental clinic in Calicut, provides Best Dental Treatments.
We care about your oral health and hygiene.

Our different treatments are :

  • Aesthetic dentistry
    Aesthetic dentistry refers the dental works for improving appearance of teeth, gum or bite.
  • Crowns and bridges
    Crowns and most bridges are fixed prosthetic devices which help for enhance your smile.
  • Lumineers 
    Dental lumineers are similar to dental veneers, used  to cover up the imperfections in smile.
  • Dental braces
    Dental braces are the orthodontic devices that are used for straightening of the teeth.
  • Dental implants
    Dental implants is an option for people with missing teeth. 
  • Pediatric dentistry
    Pediatric dentistry deals with the oral and dental health of children.
  • Smile design
    It is the process of improving the smile through cosmetic dentistry process.
  • Teeth bleaching
    Teeth bleaching involves whitening your teeth to make them brighter.

Dr Hiba Ali, Dental Surgeon,  she has performed numerous dental implants,full mouth rehabilitation and aesthetic dentistry procedures including smile design,dental crowns,dental bridges,dental veneers and dental laminates etc.

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