Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Pediatric Dentistry Calicut

      Pediatric Dentistry is the branch of dentistry dealing with children from birth through adolescenes.Pediatric Dentist promote the dental health of children.Pediatric Dentist provides children and their guardians with informative instructions regarding prevention of dental decay and oral hygiene thereby helping them to maintain a smooth transition from milk teeth to permanent set of teeth. It deals with infants and children through adolescence. Pediatric dentistry is an age-defined specialty. It provides preventive as well as therapeutic dental care for infants and adolescents. Pediatric dentists are trained to carry out infant examination and also to provide the important information regarding infant oral care. Those children who have regular dental visits from infancy remain decay free throughout their lifetime. The best time for a child's first visit to dental clinic is ideally 9 to 12 months of age.The role of the Pediatric Dentist changes as children enter adolescence. Recognizing the growing importance of appearance and self-image in their patients, Pediatric Dentists work to ensure that adolescents' dental needs are met. Preventative dental health care is emphasized and when necessary information is provided to adolescents about subjects such as wisdom teeth tobacco use, sealants and oral piercing.Pedodontist is a word that was used for some time to describe the specialty of dentistry devoted to the treatment of children.The modern accepted term these days is Pediatric Dentist or Pediatric Dentistry. The term was changed a few years ago, but you will still hear the older term. Pediatric Dentistry is an age-defined specialty that provides both primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs.

 Baby tooth extraction usually does not require a lot of anesthetic solution and usually does not cause discomfort. The short roots of pediatric teeth make it much easier to remove than adult teeth.If a milk tooth or baby tooth is lost prematurely a space maintainer is recommended to save the space. If not other teeth may drift leading to difficulties like crowding of permanent teeth and/or other orthodontic problems.
Myobrace is an innovative development in orthodontic treatment. The Myobrace comes in a range of sizes and shapes, to accommodate various oral problems, such as crooked teeth, bleeding gums and impaired jaw development. Using it to exercise the muscles stimulates the gums and promotes salivary flow to keep the mouth and stomach healthy.

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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Flap Surgery Dental India

Flap Surgery is a type of gum procedure which can be described as the separation of the gum from bone to expose and clean underlying tooth structures. The gums are separated from the teeth and folded back temporarily. The dentist then reaches for the root of the tooth and the bone. It is recommended for people with moderate or advanced periodontal diseases.
              In flap surgery, local anesthesia is given prior to the small incisions made in the area to numb the gum so that it can be lifted back to expose the tooth root and bone. This gives the periodontist. Direct access to the roots and bone supporting the teeth. The entire area is carefully cleaned and all tartar and inflamed tissue are removed from the tooth root. This is called scaling and root planing. Because periodontal disease causes bone loss, the bone will need to be re-contoured or grafted for the gum to heal correctly.Once the procedure is completed, gum will be stitched back in place against the teeth. It is very important to keep up good oral hygiene and follow the dentist's instructions while the surgical site is healing. Your periodontist will make sure that you are instructed to maintain good oral hygiene. Your periodontist also will evaluate your health and medical history before deciding on the procedure.

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