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Root Canal Treatment & Its Possibilities

Nerves and veins of tooth can get damaged because of tooth decay and gum infections. Root Canal Therapy is the way to save these type of teeth.

The empty space seen inside the teeth is known as Root Canal. Inside and outside of root canal there is a region called the pulp chamber and it includes nerves and veins, all together constitute a soft area which is called as Dental Pulp. The main job of nerves is to help the teeth to sense hot and cold. If dental pulp gets infected, then inside the pulp chamber, bacteria and other decayed materials will increase and it will cause swelling because of infection in the jawbone which is residing inside the teeth root and surrounding the teeth. There is a chance of spreading the infection surrounding the teeth to adjacent areas of the face.

Root Canal Therapy

When Do You Need the Treatment?

  • When you sense severe pain while chewing & giving pressure to the teeth.
  • Sensing severe pain while having hot and cold.
  • When color of the teeth changes, after any breakage or bruise.
  • Having abscess and swelling in the gums
  • When tooth decay affects the dental pulp.

Treatment Procedures

First the Doctor will take X-ray of the tooth to know the depth and shape of root canal and to know whether jawbone is infected. Then, local anaesthesia will be given to freeze the adjacent areas of the infected tooth. After that a small hole is created from the top of the tooth and all the decayed dental pulp and bacteria are removed and cleaned. Rotary files made with nickel alloy which is exported from abroad is used for this purpose. Rotary files and endomotors are used for cleaning and for giving shape for the root canal.

Root Canal Procedure

To clean the root canal area, antiseptic liquids like sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine etc are used. Before removing infected nerves, the root canal will be cleaned and make it infection free using Diode Laser. Like this removing all the infections and bacteria, the inside area of your teeth will be filled with gutta-percha and sealant. After that, the hole created in the tooth will be sealed. Then, a crown will be placed above the treated tooth for giving more strength to the tooth. These crowns can be made with metals but for long lasting and for more strength, it is better to use zirconium crowns which don't have any metal substances.

Zirconium crowns are more expensive than ordinary metal crowns. Even if you can start your normal activities the day after root canal treatment, sometimes you may sense pain. The treated tooth should be kept clean.

Possibility of Success in Treatment

Root canals with abnormal shapes, complex branches, several root canals etc are some reasons for the failure of root canal treatment. Means, root canals which are not seen in X-rays and not seen by the doctor will stay uncleaned and may lead to infections in future. The unnoticed cracks in tooth root and entering of bacterias into tooth by the damages caused in the fillings will also lead to the failure of root canal treatment. Studies says that normally 5-10 percentage of root canal treatment fails because of these reasons. If you have a tooth with fully damaged crown because of tooth decay, inflammation in the bones around root, swelling in gums etc. then it is better not to do the root canal procedure. These problems can be solved only by extracting the infected tooth.

Tooth Decay

Whocan do Root Canal Treatment?

All age groups can do root canal treatment. But need special care when this is done in children. Because there is a huge difference between length, size and morphology of root canals in baby tooth and adult tooth. Sometimes children won't cooperate with this treatment. Conscious sedation is given for these kind of children.

In Pregnancy

Root canal treatment can be done during pregnancy also. But it is safe to do within 3rd month and 6th month.


Durability of the tooth which undergone root canal treatment can be increased by fixing core build-up with a crown above the tooth. But the damage caused to the tooth before root canal and dental hygiene after root canal is the two main factors that will affect the durability.


Treatment Cost

To do a root canal and placing a crown will cost 7500-8000 rupees per tooth. According to the quality of crowns the treatment charges will increase for example zirconium crowns. To extract the tooth and placing a bridge or implant may cost more than this.

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