Monday, 25 April 2016

Dental Crown Treatment in Kerala

If you want to hide a partially damaged tooth, you may need a dental crown which will help you to restore your normal structure, size, function and appearance. A crown is a tooth shaped cap placed over the tooth in order to make it strong and improve its appearance. Crowns can be used for protecting a weak tooth from breaking, attaching bridges, for restoring tooth that is already broken or to cover the discoloured or badly shaped tooth. Tooth that has been covered with a crown looks and functions very much like a natural tooth.

Dental Crown Treatment in Kerala

Situations where Dental Crown used -
A dentist might suggest a dental crown in situations where
  • Improving a tooth’s appearance
  • Restoring or making changes with tooth’s shape
  • Reinforcing structurally compromised tooth

Procedure -
A dental crown can be constructed using materials like metal, porcelain or combination of dental ceramic and metal alloy. In this procedure firstly the partially damaged tooth grinded. After the sufficient grinding, the tooth will looks like a round peg, the new crown is permanently cemented on the top of the peg. The artificial crown identically match with the rest of your teeth. Dental crowns will last for ten to fifteen years if it cared properly.

Types of Dental Crowns -
Dental crowns can be available in different types. They are
  • All metal - are made using gold or white dental alloy. They are very well known for their great strength and exceptional durability.
  • All ceramic - are fabricated using porcelain or engineered dental ceramic. These materials are known for their superior aesthetics.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal - hybrid construction type that provide both good aesthetics and strength.

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