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Teeth Bleaching: For a Better Smile

Dental health is an imporbtant part of your overall health. Whatever your age,you should have healthy smile. People turn to teeth whitening kits to brighten their smile. The most obvious reason is that a person's smile is one of the first things that people notice when they meet someone. When people gets aged, their teeth naturally gets dulled and yellowed. Teeth whitening kits make people look younger, attractive, healthier and whiter smiles. Teeth bleaching has a main role in beutifying your smile. The change will make you more confident and increases self esteem.

Technology in dentistry today provides different ways to care our teeth. One of the thing is home teeth whitening kit. There are many different types of kits. A home teeth whitening kit can be a very useful tool for people who wants to get their teeth whitened at the comfort of their home.

Reasons for Teeth Bleaching Treatment

.Not taking care of your teeth
.Using tobaccocosmetic
.Drinking dark  coloured liquids such as cofee,cola.tea and red wine
.Appearance of stains and discolouration of teeth
.Patients with extreme tooth sensitivity or worn enamel

Dentique provides you different procedures to enhance Stylish smile

  . Comprehensive Consultation
  . Customizing your whitening trays
  . Application of the whitening agent
  . Duration of treatment
  . Additional Treatment

Comprehensive Consultant

According to our interest in whitening your smile dentist evaluate the teeth and match your smile to a shade guide. To better evaluate colour of teeth once again the teeth matched to the guide.

Fitting Whitening Trays

In Whitening treatment trays are designed according to fulfill the cosmetic desires of each patient. Your dentist designed whitening trays to match your smile. Also evaluate how to perform your teeth and cleaning of whitening trays.

Whitening Agent

Whitening gel is directly inserted in to customized bleaching trays using a syringe. The whitening trays are placed in the mouth ,at that time whitening gel cover the surfaces of teeth. These whitening agent remain inside the tray throughout duration of your treatment.

Duration of Treatment

The duration of how long the whitening agent should remain on your smile is directly depend on the strength of the whitening gel your dentist prescibes.

Additional Treatments

Your dentist may advice you to perform teeth whitening treatments every few months, Whenever your smile is appearing dingy. Make necessary treatment about the tooth sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening Treatment provides bright and white smile. After the treatment, appearance of smiling is improve through cosmetic treatment. It provides both home teeth whitening kit and in-office kind of teeth whitening kit. Teeth whitening kit that people used in the home is quick and simple. A whiter smile is meant to accentuate your stunning facial features and highlight your personality.

Dentique Dental center provides you affordable Teeth Whitening Treatment in Calicut Kerala.

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