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Pediatric Dentistry: To Maintain Oral Hygiene

Dental health care is the most important part of our overall health. Good oral hygiene starts as early as infant period and deals the children through adolescence. It is a preventive as well as therapeutic dental care by carry out infant examination and provide all the information regarding infant oral care. Childrens who have regular visit from infants in the dental clinic which helps to remain decay free throughout their lifetime.

Technology in pediatric dentistry helps children and their guardians regarding oral hygiene and informative instructions to prevent the dental decay. The ideal age of the children to visit the dental clinic is about 9-12 months.

Reasons for pediatric dentistry treatment

  •  Misalignment of teeth
  •  Helps to chew,bite and speak
  •  Holding space for primary teeth
  •  Maintain childrens dental health

Pediatric dental care treatments


Baby tooth doesnot require lot of anaesthetic solution beacuse of short roots. Decayed teeth can easily removed and doesnot cause discomfort. If injury causes at the baby tooth, decayed tooth removed by the tooth extraction method.

Space Maintainers

If baby tooth is lost primarily, a space maintainer is provided for the childrens to save the space. The space maintainer helps to prevent the difficulties caused by the crowding of permanent teeth.

Myobrace therapy

It is a new orthodontic treatment in dentistry deals with the oral problems as crooked teeth and bleeding gums. In this therapic treatment, exercises the muscles stimulates the gums and provide good oral health.

Pediatric dentistry treatment is a special care for the infants by providing instructions and exercises to care the tooth. It is a better time to start the treatment for children to achieve excellent oral hygiene.

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