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Cosmetic Dentistry with Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are tooth cover that used to improve the appearance of tooth by giving perfect, colour and size to the tooth. Dental veneers are made of porcelain or resin composite materials. Porcelain veneers resist stains more than resin veneers. Resin veneers are thinner and that requires removal of lees tooth surface before placement.

dental veneers

When Dental Veneers areused ?

  • When teeth are discoloured because of drugs, root canal treatment or stain.
  • If teeth are chipped.
  • When the teeth are misaligned or irregularly shaped.
  • Teeth with gap.

    dental veneers


The dentist will remove about 1/2 millimeter of enamel from the tooth surface, which nearly equal to the thickness of the veneer to be added to the tooth surface. The dentist will make a model or impression of the tooth. This model is sent out to a dental laboratory, which constructs veneer. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for your dentist to receive the veneers back from the laboratory. The dentist checks the colour match of teeth and veneer before placing it into tooth.

Then remove and trim the veneer as needed to achieve the proper fit; the veneer color can be adjusted with the shade of cement to be used. Then tooth will be cleaned, polished, and etched which roughens the tooth to allow for a strong bonding process. A special cement is applied to the veneer and the veneer is then placed on the tooth. Once veneer position on the tooth, the dentist will apply a special light beam to the dental veneer, which activates chemicals in the cement, causing it to harden. The final steps involve removing any excess cement.


Advantages of dental veneers

  • They will give the natural appearance of teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers can prevent stains.
  • Give perfect shape, size and colour of teeth.

Disadvantages of dental veneers

  • It is a costly process.
  • The procedure not reversible.
  • Cannot repair when it breaks.
  • Do not give an exact match to the teeth colour.

Cost of dental veneers depends on the material used to make veneer, the number of teeth requiring veneers etc.

Dentique Dental Clinic in Calicut imparts you varied smile makeover treatment at affordable cost with patient satisfaction. 

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Root Canal Treatment & Its Possibilities

Nerves and veins of tooth can get damaged because of tooth decay and gum infections. Root Canal Therapy is the way to save these type of teeth.

The empty space seen inside the teeth is known as Root Canal. Inside and outside of root canal there is a region called the pulp chamber and it includes nerves and veins, all together constitute a soft area which is called as Dental Pulp. The main job of nerves is to help the teeth to sense hot and cold. If dental pulp gets infected, then inside the pulp chamber, bacteria and other decayed materials will increase and it will cause swelling because of infection in the jawbone which is residing inside the teeth root and surrounding the teeth. There is a chance of spreading the infection surrounding the teeth to adjacent areas of the face.

Root Canal Therapy

When Do You Need the Treatment?

  • When you sense severe pain while chewing & giving pressure to the teeth.
  • Sensing severe pain while having hot and cold.
  • When color of the teeth changes, after any breakage or bruise.
  • Having abscess and swelling in the gums
  • When tooth decay affects the dental pulp.

Treatment Procedures

First the Doctor will take X-ray of the tooth to know the depth and shape of root canal and to know whether jawbone is infected. Then, local anaesthesia will be given to freeze the adjacent areas of the infected tooth. After that a small hole is created from the top of the tooth and all the decayed dental pulp and bacteria are removed and cleaned. Rotary files made with nickel alloy which is exported from abroad is used for this purpose. Rotary files and endomotors are used for cleaning and for giving shape for the root canal.

Root Canal Procedure

To clean the root canal area, antiseptic liquids like sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine etc are used. Before removing infected nerves, the root canal will be cleaned and make it infection free using Diode Laser. Like this removing all the infections and bacteria, the inside area of your teeth will be filled with gutta-percha and sealant. After that, the hole created in the tooth will be sealed. Then, a crown will be placed above the treated tooth for giving more strength to the tooth. These crowns can be made with metals but for long lasting and for more strength, it is better to use zirconium crowns which don't have any metal substances.

Zirconium crowns are more expensive than ordinary metal crowns. Even if you can start your normal activities the day after root canal treatment, sometimes you may sense pain. The treated tooth should be kept clean.

Possibility of Success in Treatment

Root canals with abnormal shapes, complex branches, several root canals etc are some reasons for the failure of root canal treatment. Means, root canals which are not seen in X-rays and not seen by the doctor will stay uncleaned and may lead to infections in future. The unnoticed cracks in tooth root and entering of bacterias into tooth by the damages caused in the fillings will also lead to the failure of root canal treatment. Studies says that normally 5-10 percentage of root canal treatment fails because of these reasons. If you have a tooth with fully damaged crown because of tooth decay, inflammation in the bones around root, swelling in gums etc. then it is better not to do the root canal procedure. These problems can be solved only by extracting the infected tooth.

Tooth Decay

Whocan do Root Canal Treatment?

All age groups can do root canal treatment. But need special care when this is done in children. Because there is a huge difference between length, size and morphology of root canals in baby tooth and adult tooth. Sometimes children won't cooperate with this treatment. Conscious sedation is given for these kind of children.

In Pregnancy

Root canal treatment can be done during pregnancy also. But it is safe to do within 3rd month and 6th month.


Durability of the tooth which undergone root canal treatment can be increased by fixing core build-up with a crown above the tooth. But the damage caused to the tooth before root canal and dental hygiene after root canal is the two main factors that will affect the durability.


Treatment Cost

To do a root canal and placing a crown will cost 7500-8000 rupees per tooth. According to the quality of crowns the treatment charges will increase for example zirconium crowns. To extract the tooth and placing a bridge or implant may cost more than this.

We Dentique Dental Clinic in Calicut provides you with the best treatment for root canal with new facilities and all the alternatives for giving the patients the best experience with Dentique.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Orthodontics & Different Types of Braces

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which treats alignment problems caused to teeth. Misalignment can be caused because of several reasons like improper bites, childhood habits etc. In orthodontics there are several types of devices. According to the condition of the patient's teeth, the dentist will recommend the suitable device. Orthodontics can treat problems like overbites, cross bites, deep bites, crooked, crowded, protruding, irregular spacing etc.


The dental devices are commonly known as dental braces. These will exert pressure on the teeth and bone and will make it properly aligned. Normally these devices are two types fixed and removable. Fixed braces will have common parts for all types they are, wires, metal braces, brackets, an appropriate bonding material, a suitable O ring that normally consists of an arch wire elastic ligature etc.

Types of Dental Braces


Now you can have different types of dental braces. Earlier braces cannot be removed. But now you can have both removable and fixed. The newest of all is invisible braces which can be removed any time the patient desire. The orthodontic treatment needs to have both removable and fixed. Once fixed braces are removed, the dentist will suggest to wear removable retainers for getting the tooth fixed in place. The types of dental braces are,
  • Metal Braces
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Lingual Braces
  • Gold Plated Braces
  • Titanium Braces
  • Invisible Braces


Metal Braces


Metal braces

Metal Braces or traditional braces are two types, it can be either in silver or gold colour. Metal braces  are fixed and strong that which can withstand all the daily interactions. Initially when it is fixed, the patient may feel irritation in the gums and can sense the pain in teeth. This condition will not last long and the patient may get used to it. Care must be given when you are with your metal braces. Control eating hard food items, hard vegetables, tough meats etc. Should avoid chewy food items like gum, caramel etc.

Ceramic Braces


ceramic braces 

Ceramic Braces are composed of composite materials with varying colours. So that it can match the natural colour of the teeth. They are not that visible compared with metal braces and will not stain. The disadvantage about ceramic braces are it is not that strong and are more expensive than metal braces. Even it has these disadvantages, they look great.

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces are attached inside the mouth. These are special braces which is more costly than ordinary braces. The main advantage of these braces are, this will not be noticed by anyone unless they look inside your mouth. These braces are the best option for those who need aesthetic treatment for correcting their alignment problems. Lingual braces can't be installed by every dentist, it needs special training to treat with these braces.

lingual braces


Gold Plated Braces

Gold Plated Braces are preferred for two main reasons. The first reason is that, if the patient is allergetic to nickel or irritated with nickel material. The second reason is common that is for aesthetic look. When gold is plated in braces, it looks great throughout the treatment and also after the treatment.

Titanium Braces

Titanium braces are fabricated with stainless steel. The braces will be smaller in size, lighter in weight and it has sufficient strength. It has several advantages over ordinary braces. Titanium braces are bio-compatible, reliable, and it comes in different colours. 

Invisible Braces or Invisalign Braces


invisible braces 

In every field new methods and techniques are evolving. The dental field is also giving us new experiences with new technologies. One of the latest one is Invisible Braces or Invisalign braces which is a better alternative to ordinary braces. Because of its vast number of advantages, the demand for these braces really high. The main advantage is its transparency which makes it un noticeable than other braces. Difficulties sensing in gums, cheeks and adjacent areas because of ordinary braces is rectified by these braces. Also it can be removed whenever the wearer needs or in any situation. Tooth decay will be less when these braces are used.

For Invisalign treatment, the patient needs to visit the clinic several times. These braces exert only less pressure compared with other braces. The patient has to visit the clinic in 2 weeks time to change the braces. The invisible braces are developed according to the patient's teeth structure with the help of computerized techniques. So after 2 weeks new braces will be given according to the changes in the teeth. Treatment with these braces are considered to be faster than traditional braces.

Dentique Dental Clinic Calicut provides all the new technologies which help them to give the patient desired treatment and facilities. All dental clinics wont be giving the invisible braces treatment, but you can avail the best invisible braces treatment at Dentique.

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Pediatric Dentistry: To Maintain Oral Hygiene

Dental health care is the most important part of our overall health. Good oral hygiene starts as early as infant period and deals the children through adolescence. It is a preventive as well as therapeutic dental care by carry out infant examination and provide all the information regarding infant oral care. Childrens who have regular visit from infants in the dental clinic which helps to remain decay free throughout their lifetime.

Technology in pediatric dentistry helps children and their guardians regarding oral hygiene and informative instructions to prevent the dental decay. The ideal age of the children to visit the dental clinic is about 9-12 months.

Reasons for pediatric dentistry treatment

  •  Misalignment of teeth
  •  Helps to chew,bite and speak
  •  Holding space for primary teeth
  •  Maintain childrens dental health

Pediatric dental care treatments


Baby tooth doesnot require lot of anaesthetic solution beacuse of short roots. Decayed teeth can easily removed and doesnot cause discomfort. If injury causes at the baby tooth, decayed tooth removed by the tooth extraction method.

Space Maintainers

If baby tooth is lost primarily, a space maintainer is provided for the childrens to save the space. The space maintainer helps to prevent the difficulties caused by the crowding of permanent teeth.

Myobrace therapy

It is a new orthodontic treatment in dentistry deals with the oral problems as crooked teeth and bleeding gums. In this therapic treatment, exercises the muscles stimulates the gums and provide good oral health.

Pediatric dentistry treatment is a special care for the infants by providing instructions and exercises to care the tooth. It is a better time to start the treatment for children to achieve excellent oral hygiene.

Dentique dental center
provides you best pediatric dentistry treatment in calicut.

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Teeth Bleaching: For a Better Smile

Dental health is an imporbtant part of your overall health. Whatever your age,you should have healthy smile. People turn to teeth whitening kits to brighten their smile. The most obvious reason is that a person's smile is one of the first things that people notice when they meet someone. When people gets aged, their teeth naturally gets dulled and yellowed. Teeth whitening kits make people look younger, attractive, healthier and whiter smiles. Teeth bleaching has a main role in beutifying your smile. The change will make you more confident and increases self esteem.

Technology in dentistry today provides different ways to care our teeth. One of the thing is home teeth whitening kit. There are many different types of kits. A home teeth whitening kit can be a very useful tool for people who wants to get their teeth whitened at the comfort of their home.

Reasons for Teeth Bleaching Treatment

.Not taking care of your teeth
.Using tobaccocosmetic
.Drinking dark  coloured liquids such as cofee,cola.tea and red wine
.Appearance of stains and discolouration of teeth
.Patients with extreme tooth sensitivity or worn enamel

Dentique provides you different procedures to enhance Stylish smile

  . Comprehensive Consultation
  . Customizing your whitening trays
  . Application of the whitening agent
  . Duration of treatment
  . Additional Treatment

Comprehensive Consultant

According to our interest in whitening your smile dentist evaluate the teeth and match your smile to a shade guide. To better evaluate colour of teeth once again the teeth matched to the guide.

Fitting Whitening Trays

In Whitening treatment trays are designed according to fulfill the cosmetic desires of each patient. Your dentist designed whitening trays to match your smile. Also evaluate how to perform your teeth and cleaning of whitening trays.

Whitening Agent

Whitening gel is directly inserted in to customized bleaching trays using a syringe. The whitening trays are placed in the mouth ,at that time whitening gel cover the surfaces of teeth. These whitening agent remain inside the tray throughout duration of your treatment.

Duration of Treatment

The duration of how long the whitening agent should remain on your smile is directly depend on the strength of the whitening gel your dentist prescibes.

Additional Treatments

Your dentist may advice you to perform teeth whitening treatments every few months, Whenever your smile is appearing dingy. Make necessary treatment about the tooth sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening Treatment provides bright and white smile. After the treatment, appearance of smiling is improve through cosmetic treatment. It provides both home teeth whitening kit and in-office kind of teeth whitening kit. Teeth whitening kit that people used in the home is quick and simple. A whiter smile is meant to accentuate your stunning facial features and highlight your personality.

Dentique Dental center provides you affordable Teeth Whitening Treatment in Calicut Kerala.

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Aesthetic Dentistry:Design your Smile!

Aesthetic Dentistry is aiming at providing an attractive look to your teeth and smile. If you need a Smile makeover or smile design for changing the overall look, then Aesthetic dentistry is one of the best way. Aesthetic dentistry will correct your tooth and gum alignment, which has the main role in Beautifying your Smile. The change will make you more confident and increases your self-esteem.

 Dentique provides you different procedures to enhance your Smile.

  • ·        Veneering
  • ·        Lumineers
  • ·        Bonding
  • ·        Crown
  • ·        Bridges
  • ·        Gummy Smile
  • ·        Tooth Shaping

Veneering: Veneering or Porcelain Veneers custom made, ultra-thin porcelain shells which are placed in front of the teeth for giving them a better look or appearance and for removing the damages. This procedure can be used in situations where the tooth is broken, or for more whiteness, to give them proper shape & size. For having this treatment, the patient must visit the clinic for 2 to 3 times. First of all the doctor will analyze the patient’s teeth and according to the analysis only the doctor decide which procedure is better suits the teeth. For applying veneering, a little amount of enamel will be removed from the teeth. After the patient’s permanent veneers are crafted, it will be installed into the patients teeth. Veneers last for 10 to 15 years if the patient care their teeth.

Lumineers: Lumineers are unique ultra-thin and translucent material than veneers. Lumineers are used for reshaping your teeth, to make them look straight and more uniform, as well as whiter. When applying Lumineers the tooth reduction is not needed and it last for 20 years. It is a pain free procedure and whiten your teeth permentantly. For lumineers procedure only 2 visit is needed. First for taking the patients mold and second visit for the application.

Bonding: Dental bonding is a procedure in which a tooth-colored resin material is applied and hardened with a special light. Bonding corrects chipped and broken teeth, discolored teeth and in some cases can correct gaps. It is less expensive and easy compared to veneers, but doesn’t last as long and can stain.

Crown: Crown or caps are nothing but permanent caps molded like a real tooth. They are custom crafted and then cemented directly onto your prepared tooth. They are crafted from a variety of materials: metal, ceramic, resin, porcelain or even metal-free ceramics. Crowns are often recommended for patients having large cavities or a severe conditions which threatens the tooth’s health. To provide the patient’s with the crown, the doctors have to grind down a portion of patient’s tooth. After sufficient grinding, the tooth will look like a round peg, and will permanently cement the new crown on top of the peg.

Bridges: Bridges are recommended in situations where the patient has gum disease, injury, decay or loss of a teeth. These situations should be treated because it can cause your dental health. If a gap in teeth occurs the biting pressure will vary, the adjacent teeth may move to the gap and may cause pain or may infect in some other way. Bridges will close the gaps and secure your teeth from all the other problems that may occur.

Gummy Smile: A beautiful and attractive smile will show only 8-10 upper teeth with no gum above the front teeth. Sometimes, upper gum portion will also be visible, makes one’s smile unattractive. This bulk of tissue can be safely modified in position and shape so that more of the natural enamel and less of gums show when smile.

Tooth Shaping: Tooth shaping needs to reduce some of the enamel from the tooth for reshaping the tooth. It can round up the sharp teeth and reduce length for delivering a pleasing smile. Tooth shaping is a pain less treatment and very inexpensive.

Aesthetic Dentistry is a growing field and it is now reaching to normal people’s life. Today, people are looking everywhere for improving their look. Also they are now started judging others by looking at their physical appearances. Appearance convey several meanings to others, mainly one’s smile can give a person good and bad impression. So make your smile different from others and be different in the society.

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