Thursday, 12 December 2013

Root Canal Therapy to Save Your Tooth

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that treats bacterial infection in the centre of your tooth. Infection in the pulp or root of your tooth can occur from tooth decay or severe trauma to your teeth and gums. Root canal therapy is also known as endodontics or root canal treatment. It is typically done under local anesthetic, the dentist will drill into the pulp chamber of your tooth in order to remove the infected pulp. The dentist will also remove the nerve from your root canal and then fill up each of the root canal and the empty pulp chamber with a filling. It is a relatively invasive procedure, but a necessary one to preserve a severely damaged tooth. After the dental root canal treatment, the dentist will most likely want to place a cap over the affected tooth to complete the restorative process.

Symptoms of Root Canal Treatment:

1. Pain aggravates while you lie down and reduces when you sit up,
2. Pain stays for a long time after consuming cold drinks or cold food,
3. Swelling and constant pain around the tooth,
4. Tooth pain connected to head, neck and ears.

The advantages of root canal therapy:
The main advantage of dental root canal therapy is to save the function of the tooth so that it does not need to be extracted. Another advantage of root canal treatment is that the procedure itself is much less invasive than an extraction. Root canal Treatment saves teeth that would otherwise be extracted. Root canal treatment eliminates the infection from the dental pulp and provides the much-needed relief from the excruciating pain.

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