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Do Your Teeth Stop You From Smiling as Much as You'd Like?

Teeth cleaning is the process of removal of plaque from the teeth. The calcium and other substance present in the saliva protect teeth and straighten them. This calcium particle are get deposited on the teeth. It's color may be dark or tooth colored. It increases the chance for bacterial build up near to gums. Regular brushing can prevent the calcium deposit on the teeth for a limit.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

Dentist uses different methods to clean the gums and teeth. First uses an ultrasonic cleaner water sprayer to remove plaque from teeth. By using the metal scraper, dentist scrape the additional plaque from the teeth. Then brushes the teeth with rotary tooth brush and floss the teeth. And give some fluoride treatment for straightening teeth.

Dental Cleaning can do :

  • Prevent Cavities
  • Stop tooth loss
  • Brighten your smile
  • Freshen your breath
  • Keep your overall health
teeth flossing

Plaque is the mail cause of cavities. This substances destroy the tooth enamel. It also capable to destroy the bone in jaw which support the teeth. That leads to the loss of tooth. Some food items and drinks make discoloration on the teeth. Through the teeth cleaning, can recover the original color of teeth.

teeth brushing

Keep your teeth and gums with :

  • Change your brushing
  • Drink a cup of tea every day
  • Use alcohol free mouthwash
  • Clean your tongue
  • Go on a white teeth diet

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