Monday, 5 June 2017

Dental Lumineers – Polishing Smiles

A smile is the defining feature of a beautiful face and everyone deserves to have a beautiful one. Gone are the days when we had to live with what we had blaming fate and a whole lot of other issues for the plight of your teeth. The last few decades have witnessed a huge developmental transformation and so has the field of dentistry.
A life altering and popular technique in restorative dentistry, dental lumineers are widely known for their ability to efficiently mask decayed or discoloured teeth. Also called smile shapers, the lumineers are as thin as contact lens in appearance and they resemble natural teeth in colour and texture.

Dental lumineers
are attached to the front of the teeth that is discoloured or decayed. This usually does not require any restructuring to be done on the teeth. The bonded material is then sculpted to resemble natural teeth. These materials are made of durable porcelain material. Hence they are long lasting.

Advantages of dental lumineers
Dental lumineers are growing popular in cosmetic dentistry mainly because of the following benefits: -
  • Resistant to staining
Dental lumineers are made of materials such as porcelain which are inherently resistant to staining, due to their glass like structure. This prevents further discolouration of teeth due to staining from beverages or food items.
  • Corrects tooth imperfections and defects
Crooked and structurally defective teeth can be restored or made to look better with the help of dental lumineers. Slight chips and irregularities on the teeth surface can also be corrected with these.
  • Cover up old fillings and discolorations
Dental lumineers are used as an ideal solution to cover up old fillings that are discoloured. Stains due to fluorides, tetracycline or irregularities that occur due to physical trauma and root canal treatments can be covered up with them.

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